Vshare Download and Install for Android


In today’s world, mobile phones have become more of a necessity than a mere requirement for everyone. From playing games to paying bills, everything can be done with the touch of just a few buttons and in this race of mobile phones, android phones have proved to be more handy and user-friendly. The majority of the people use Android phones. The primary reason behind the popularity of Android phones is its ease of use and easy availability of the apps which performs our tasks. Android phones provide easy access to all the apps through its Play store also known as Google Play store which is the source of all kinds of Android apps. Some of the apps are freely available to download whereas others are premium apps which you need to purchase so as to install them on your phones.

Many times we like a premium app and want to buy it but are doubtful whether the downloaded app fulfills the purpose or not. In such a condition investing money in an app without checking becomes risky. So, to get you out of this situation we bring to you Vshare that lets you install the premium apps for free for a trial period. If you install Vshare  on your Android phone, you can download the premium app that you want to purchase for free for a trial period and test its performance on your phone. If you like the app, you can buy the app freely without any tension. This, I think, is the best way to test the premium apps before buying.


How to Get Vshare Apk

One thing you all must know here is that Vshare Download is not available on Google Play Store. Now you all must be curious as from where to get this Vshare APK.

There are two ways of installing V share APK. First is to install the file on your computer and then transfer it to your mobile phones. The second way is to download the file directly on your phone and install it. You can choose the way which suits you the best. V share pro version is also available now.

Now, I will guide on how to install it.

  • The first step is to download V share APK from its official website.
  • On the official website, you will get two options- one is an Android app, and other is iOS app.
  • Click on the option with the Android app logo on it.
  • After downloading the file completely, go to the folder where you have saved it and click on it to install the app.
  • The app will get install in very few seconds.
  • You will also be glad to know that V share is a very light app of 12MB only.

After installing the app go to your phone’s menu and launch the app from there. Once launched you will find various apps on it. And your work is done. Simple and easy. This is a befitting way to install V share on your Android phones.


Here are some reasons to choose Vshare Android app instead of other such apps.

  • There will be no problem with copyrights violation of the apps as this app belongs to the registered users only.There is another app like this available for the ios users. The name of the app is appishare app.
  • You are not required to fill up for any registration process on Vshare App and more over V share app does not even ask your name and email. So, you can easily install Vshare APK on your phone and start downloading the apps to test.
  • Another impressive thing about Vshare store is that it will be friendly for Android apps developers too as V share allows app submissions on their Application. So, if you are a budding application developer and want to know the reviews for your apps from users, you can quickly submit your app on V share, let people download it and can get feedback from the users.
  • In the categories section, you can see the apps that you have installed and updates regarding the installed apps just as it is available in Google Play Store.

This was my small effort to remove all your doubts regarding getting the premium apps for free from play store. I hope this was helpful for you, and you have easily installed Vshare app on your phones. In case you have any problems regarding this Vshare app for android please feel free to reach me. You can simply comment your problems and queries regarding Vshare in the comment box below, and I will reach you with a solution as soon as possible. Your suggestions will also be welcomed. If you find this article useful and helpful, then do not forget to share it with your friends and family.


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