Top 3 Best Viral Games For Android “Most Playing”


Gaming on Android is Gaining Far better experience than any other technology that came before it. You might have heard in 2005 that you can play Grand theft auto San Andreas on android with indeed those same graphics that had ps2, you probably might have laughed because it was kinda weird so why a person should pay that huge amount for getting PlayStation why not any android smartphone? This question was being asked at that time and most probably no one knows the exact answer to tell.Playing game is really a fun even people consider it as a passion.However, everyone would say you that it kinda time waste but it is indeed a great fun to play games.Mostly Viral games and in this article, we are going to mention some Best Viral Games For Android Which is being played every day by millions of users.

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in this modern era now everyone can afford smartphones. And gamers are rolling to the smartphone because it is been increasing more and more popularity among the users.There are thousand of games for android but just counting are there which are completely viral means they are having most playing users around the world and they have most of the downloads in Playstore with high ratings.Like the viral games for android, we are going to suggest in this article will definitely meet your needs.

Viral Games For Android

android is loved by billion of people around the world and nowadays they are coming up with great specification so they can play best as possible games. Now it is coming up with great ram and rom even best graphics so a user can play high definition games on their hands. Most probably we want to play such games which have the high rating and most downloaded games so it can also be considered as Best Viral Games For Android. There you will find tons of Games but you will not find the desired one that can fully entertain you with amazing Graphics.

There are 3 Best Viral Games For Android in 2016 that we could find through research and found really amazing and interesting games which we too play often.

3 Most Playing Viral Games For Android



Minecraft no doubt a best sandbox video game which was released by Swedish Game developer Mark Notch is a virtual infinite world based game where you will perform action stunts and you will be playing it with full of has thousand of players and they share servers to play with their friends to have more fun in this game.The Game Becomes Much more Interested With the Free Minecraft account (Premium one).

2.Clash Of Clans


It is one of the best game where you have to build communities to fight with have to make your own troops there. There are lots of Prizes including Coins,Gems Gold and even much more in this one can be played online it requires the internet connection to play and you can also play Clash of clans with your friends as a multiplayer.

3.Mini Militia


It is one of the Best Viral Games For Android in 2016 which became completely viral due to its popularity it gained too much popularity in rest action is based on original stickman shooter game where you will be controlling your stickman to fight with enemies around you. It contains cool weapons which a stickman must have.

Wrapping it up..

So this is our article, which is related to Top Best Viral games for android in 2016.Hope You liked it.If You have any queries related to this article do let us know through comments.we will try our best to reply you as soon as last, thanks for visiting and dont forget to share this with your friends.


  1. I think there are barely a few who haven’t played Clash of Clans or haven’t heard of it. It’s one of the best games on android right now.


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