How to Choose the Best Tablet: Buying Guide


Choosing a right tablet can be a tricky task, but today we will share some tips that will help you find your tablet. Their design makes them easy to transport from place to place, and their size lets them use them in ways you would not normally use a smartphone, for example. It is perfect for reading books, as it has the perfect screen length necessary so that you don’t go blind in the process, it is perfect for a comfy Netflix session lying in your bed, when no TV is available, and it is perfect for long trips, as you can enjoy movies, songs and much more.

Still, you have to be aware of some key things in order to successfully order your device, as ignorance on the matter will lead to poor decisions and a terrible piece of technology that will not serve you at all. So today, we will show you some useful tips for choose a tablet online.

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Convertible or Stand-Alone Tablet?

The stand-alone tablet is the one we all know: the over-sized smartphone. They usually weight around 1 or 2 pounds, they have little buttons on the surface, and that’s it! On the other hand, the convertible tablet is very similar to a traditional laptop and comes with a touchscreen and keyboard.


It is important to know that tablets come in different sizes and designs, and again, your choice will depend on personal preference. The length of the screen usually goes from 6 inches, all the way up to 18.4 inches. Keep in mind that the bigger they tend to be, the more useful they are. You can work on them, read books, answer emails, and so on. But, if you are not really a fan of carrying around big devices, the small ones will also get the job done, and they are easier to transport from place to place

Operating system

Well, just like a smartphone, you will have to choose the best operating system for you. There are three available: the IOS, Android, And Windows. The IOS is great for multitasking purposes, and it has a very slick design to it that sets them apart from the rest. On the other hand with the Android Operating system, you will have plenty of options on the market. Tablets with Windows operating system are good for business related tasks.

Price and Usage

Depending on how you want to use your device, will also effect on the price of your tablet. So if you are looking for a tablet for a casual use then you can easily find many tablets options less than 5000 in India. According to, Micromax Canvas Tab P290 is one of the best and cheap tablets for casual tasks. For the business related tasks, you need a higher-end tablet that is ranging from rs 20,000.


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