Sony Xperia X Review


Sony has been delivering some new flagship smartphone models are record pace. It’s a little hard to believe that, it’s been only just over three years since the initial launch at the Xperia Z, back in the early days of 2013. In the time since we’ve seen the arrival of the Z1, Z2 all the way up to last year’s Z5. This year though we didn’t get the Xperia Z6 and instead saul Sony introduced Xperia X series of phones of which this guy Xperia X performance is the new top-of-the-line model. We spent the last several days getting to know this handset finding out the ways it really does improve over the C5. but also finding more than a few we’re kind of let us down.

I’m Anwar Abir with broodle bringing you our full review of the Sony Xperia X Performance. Experia X Performance borrows more than a little from Xperia Z5 design. Sony has back with the same basic layout button placement remains unchanged. But that said there are some real improvements here dawn of those annoying flaps for waterproofing maybe the biggest change. Sony has abandoned Z5 glass back panel and favorite Xperia X Performances brushed aluminum back. Not only does not make the phone feel a little bit more durable it also helps resist picking up straight fingerprints. Now that said it looks really nice but the more time we spent with the phone the lesson number we were with that back. for one it feels a little bit thin, tapping on it makes a disconcerting hollow noise and also when playing back music at any appreciable volume level the field aluminum back reverberate along with the speakers.

Just like its external design the Xperia X performance borrows a lot from the Z5 internals as well. May be the biggest change here is the move to a QUALCOMM snapdragon 820 processor. Other than that it’s largely unchanged in the Z5, we’re looking at the same 3 GB of RAM seeing 32 gigabytes of storage same 23-megapixel main camera. To its credit so we did update the front-facer to a 13-megapixel component. But in other areas we sort of see downgrades Xperia X Performance picks up 2700 mAh battery. Down from Z5 2900 mAh Battery and while there’s another 1080p screen. Screen size drops to five inches down from 5.2 the last year. With that Snapdragon 820 processor under the hood you’d expect the Xperia X Performance to be one pretty darn fast smartphone.

We can’t say the same for the phone’s display. While it’s very bright only a little bit dimmer than Xperia Z5 itself. Color accuracy was not quite. Where we like it to be so nice 20-megapixel main camera does a few things really well. The camera app is quick to launch autofocus speeds are really fast and the camera is able to follow subjects around as they move keeping them in sharp focus.

Sony Xperia X Pros and Cons, Review

Pros Includes RAM, Camera, HD Display, Android v6.0.1, Dual-SIM, Fingerprint sensor.

Cons Includes No FM, Non-removable battery.

So, the Price of Sony Xperia X is Rs. 46,787 and features are very attractive and the cons are not extremely valuable.

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