How to Earn Money from YouTube [Full Guide]


YouTube, as we all know is the entertainment capital of the world. More than that for some people it’s a source to watch online music and comedy videos and passing boring time but, for some people it’s a way to change the life and generate strong income or revenue through their online businesses. Making money from YouTube is a vast topic. Last year the biggest earner from YouTube was a channel named PewDiePie which made a revenue of 12.9 million$.

First of all you need to create Account on YouTube which should be linked through Your Gmail ID. Once you create your YouTube account you have to link it to Google Adsense Account. Google Adsense is an advertising publishing subsidiary of Google to provide Ads in your online videos. Creating Adsense account is very easy all you have to do is link your payment details and YouTube ID number of your account.


Make videos to generate Revenue

Now, you have to create some actual videos which you can upload and gather audience to watch it. You have to build subscribers base so you can make healthy amount of views on regular basis. There is no specific model of videos that works and doesn’t work on YouTube. But it can be anything, whatever you like it just be sure it’s interesting so your audience should like it.

You have record your videos and for that you can simply use your Smartphone and even a DSLR, the quality of picturization of videos is very important. You also have an option to use professional camera and an external microphone.

Steps to make a YouTube channel

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1. Create a YouTube Channel

Obviously you will need a Gmail account to create a YouTube account. Login to YouTube with your Gmail account. Then go to this link and click on “Create a new channel” and fill out all mandatory details.

2. Pick an attractive channel name

Creativity is the beginning of success, think an awesome name for your YouTube channel which will describe your videos. And don’t copy others channel name, it will just led to channel ban or bad impression to your audience.

3. Create a first-rate channel icon & channel art

Keeping a good channel icon & channel art can easily attract the audience to navigate towards your channel. Hence, it is the first step to increase your channel reach.

4. Choose your topic

In which concept you are interested? You can upload any type of videos on your channel, but I will suggest you to only post about one niche and it should related to your passion. I have seen many YouTube channel posting about daily life hacks and trust me they are getting loads of video views.

After covering all the process, now I am going to show how to earn money from your videos by approving the Adsense account.

Approve your YouTube channel with Adsense to earn money from your videos

  1. First of all, Login to your account and status & features – Click here to Redirect.
  2. Now you will see a Monetization option then click on “Enable”.
  3. Then popup will appear. Simply click on “Enable my Account”.
  4. As you will click on enable my Account, an another popup will appear about the terms and policies. Tick them all and then look forward to “I accept”.
  5. After a new window will appear just click on “Got it”.
  6. You have submitted the request for YouTube Adsense approval. After sometime, you will receive an email about your AdSense approval.

Now the main question arrives, how to put ads on YouTube videos.

How to put Ads on your YouTube videos

  1. If you got the Adsense approval then go to “Videos” and select the video you want to in which you want to display the Ads
  2. Now click on “Monetization” and click on “Monetize with Ads”.
  3. Then it will ask you to choose which type of Ads you want to display in you videos. Select the Ad type you would like to show on your video and save changes.
  4. That’s it you are done. You have completed all the steps to monetize your video.

Here’s a video which describes how much you can earn per 1000 views

So, hence was the post about earn money from YouTube. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.


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