How to Create WiFi Hotspot With Command Prompt


In Our Previous Article We talk about How We Can Make Bootable USB Without Using any Software and today we are going to talk about How To Create WiFi Hotspot With Command Prompt also Without any third Party Software.

This Command Trick Is so simple to Create WiFi Hotspot, you don’t need to any Software. In a Single Minute you can Create WiFi Hotspot With Command Prompt. Just Follow the Below Steps and Create WiFi Hotspot without any Issue. In this Short time process you can learn How to Create WiFi Hotspot and How to Stop WiFi Hotspot of Laptop In Windows 7 & 8.

This Windows trick Is help you to Create WiFi Hotspot In any Windows Versions such as Windows 7,8,10. With the help of Command Prompt, you can Create WiFi Hotspot and as you know Command Prompt Is available In all Windows Versions. So Simply Follow this below easy steps and Create WiFi Hotspot In Windows without any Software.

This WiFi Hotspot for Windows 8 and WiFi Hotspot for Laptop, this Is Wifi Hotspot Creator. Here Is answer of your all Questions. No need any Software, Create WiFi Hotspot using CMD.

So Let’s Started With this Command Prompt trick to Create WiFi Hotspot In your Computer with any third Party Software. Follow Simple trick with Command Prompt and turn you PC into Hotspot.

Create WiFi Hotspot With Command Prompt

Below Is Step By Step Guide to turn your Laptop Into WiFi Hotspot With Some line of Command Prompt. So Let’s Get Started To Create WiFI Hotspot With Command Prompt.


Step 1. First Of all, Run Command Prompt as Administrator. To Do this search for Command Prompt in the search box and right click on it then select Run as Administrator.

Step 2. You can check Wlan Driver is installed or not In your computer by type :

  • netsh wlan show drivers

If you will see Hosted network supported : yes In command Prompt screen that mean your computer Support it and then you can go toward Step 3

Step 3. Now type the Below Line in command :

  • netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Gutyan key=Raman

SSID mean your WiFi Name and Key Is your Password, you can change it with your own. After type this line press enter your hotspot is now configured but it is not active now.

Step 4. To active your hotspot  type below Line In your Command Prompt :

  • netsh wlan start hostednetwork

That’s It, you Hotspot Is now active. you can connect your mobile phone and other device with WiFi. So that command is for starting a wlan network,

Step 5. To turn Off your Hotspot type below Command :

  • netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

With the help of below command you can know the Status of your hotspot network.

  • netsh wlan show hostednetwork

So this Is the Simple trick to Create WiFi Hotspot With Command Prompt. There Is also too many software available on the internet that can Create WiFi Hotspot but as comparison to the alternative methods, this method is perfect and easy. No need to other application just simply open the command prompt and follow the above steps. In this process you can Simply Give a Command to your PC to turn OFF/ON and also Configuration.

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Hope So you enjoyed this article and able to Create WiFi Hotspot. If you Face any Problem or any query Comment below, I’M always with you and Don’t forget to Share this article on Social Media Sites, So that your friends can also Use this Simple trick, Its Simple or not, tell us in comment section below.


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