Best URL Shortener To Earn Money Online


This Is a best Option to Make Money with short URL. Just Shorten URL and Earn Money by sharing links on Facebook, Twitter and other Networks. Today I am going to share a article on Best URL Shortener To Earn Money Online.

Its common thing, People On Internet Share links to their Friends. If are also send links, So why not Making Money with this work. Yes ! you can earn money with sharing links depends on your work. In this Process you need to convert your link in short URL and share this short URL anywhere. When someone click on your Short URL, User need to wait for 5 seconds and after they redirect to your link. Company pay you for this clicks, every company has a different rates. Basically, company pay you $1 – $10 per 1000 clicks. And you can also earn with refer link, when someone Join with your refer link company give you 20% commission.

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Top 5 Best URL Shortener To Earn Money

Here Is the list URL Shortener websites which is the Best URL Shortener To Earn Money. These Highest paying URL Shortener websites also custom URL Shortener which means you can create your custom URL that you want. – Highest Paying URL Shortener

Shorte.St Is a new website which pay very well as comparison to the others. pay user $5-12$ on 1000 clicks. Other feature of that website is that you can use its WordPress plugin and earn More with every short URL.

  • Payment with Paypal & Payoneer.
  • $5 Is minimum payout through Paypal and $20 through Payoneer.
  • 20% Commission On referrals Links.
  • 8,509 ( Alexa Rank )

2. – Earn Money by Sharing Link

Bc.Vc Is another good website for shorting URLs, for sharing this links you can earn money. you can get Payment with IBANN and Paypal. Bc.Vc pay you $4 per 1000 clicks. and with the referral link you can get 10% commission which is lower then

  • 10% commission for referral.
  • $10 Minimum payout through Paypal and IBANN
  • 2,582 ( Alexa Rank )

3. Most Popular URL Shortener Is the trusted and most popular website for link shortener. Just registered here and create short link, Share these links and company pay you $4 per 1000 clicks. you can get payment through Paypal, AlertPay and Payza.

  • 20% Commission for referral.
  • $5 Minimum Payout through Paypal, AlertPay and Payza
  • 165 ( Alexa Rank )

4. Linkshrink.Net – Make Money by Shrinking & Sharing Link

It is also another most popular website for shrink and share links. you can earn huge amount of money with LinkShrink.Net. It pay user $2 – $5 on per 1000 clicks. and also 10% commission on your referral link.

  • 10% Commission For referral
  • PayPal and Payza Is its Payout option
  • 4,980 ( Alexa Rank )

5. Linkbucks

If you have lot of traffic on your blog then its your cash machine. It is very popular website you can earn with LinkBucks just sharing the shorten links. It pay you $0.5 – $3 on per 1000 clicks and its minimum payout is $10.

  • 20% commission on referral
  • Paypal and payoneer Is payout Option
  • 1,038 ( Alexa Rank )

If you don’t want to earn money with link shortener and directly redirect to your link, then I highly Recommended you to use :-

Final Words

So these are URL Shortener Websites ( Best URL Shortener To Earn Money ) which url shorteners that pay. Now create short url with best URL Shortener. you can choose any of above website for short url and select best short url make money website. If you have no blog or website then you can earn money for shortening urls. So friends make money with short url and Enjoy. If you have any questions or query you can comment below in comment section and If you enjoy this article then Share this On social Network.



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