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Hey Guys, If you are an Android user the Today I am going to share something very special to you. I think some of you already know about this but many are still never used this. Here I am talking about the Aptoide App Store. Do you know why I am sharing About Aptoide here ? Aptoide is very popular between android users in these days. In last some years, Aptoide App store is growing as the best alternative of Google Play.  Aptoide Have too many similarities to google play and have many advanced and user-friendly features. This is the reason that Aptoide is now accepting fastly by Android User Instead of Google Play. Aptoide has been launched in the year 2009. And that was the time when android user think that Android smartphone are wastage without Google Play.

Google Play was only popular Independent Marketplace for Android Users at that time. But with the launching of the Aptoide, they changed the tradition and definition. Aptoide is providing more than 6,00,000 applications and games for free on App Store and many Apps and those which premium on the Google Play but on Aptoide They all are free. In the Initial days, Most of the people started using Aptoide because it providing free Applications and Games. And Because of this in Just 6 Years, Aptoide got more that 100 Million Downloads and increasing rapidly. If you are an android user and you also looking for an alternative of Google Play then you should use Aptoide App once. IF you want to know more about Aptoide App Store than Read all the features carefully which I am going to tell you.

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Aptoide App Store Features

Aptoide is increasing as best Google Play alternative and millions of Android users are preferring Aptoide over the Google Play. there is the reason behind this android revolution.

  • You can Download Aptoide App for Free you do not Need to pay for IT.
  • The Collection of more than 6,00,000 Applications and Games are available on Aptoide App Store and new are added rapidly.
  • All the Applications and Games on Google Play are free, Many of them are Paid on Google play but they all are free on Aptoide App Store.
  • No country restrictions for any Application. You can download any Application and Games in any country from Aptoide Store, whether Google play very strict about it and many Applications and games are not available in many countries.
  • No need to use google play account. You can use 100% free applications from Aptoide App Store without Google account.
  • You can create your own App Store privately on Aptoide App Store and can Upload your own apps on it.
  • All the apps are categorized on Aptoide so the user can find easily for New Apps.
  • You will get notification from Aptoide when any application will update.

So guys, these are the basic feature of Aptoide App and when you started using it you will many more gold coins inside this app store.

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How to Download and Install Aptoide App Free for Android

So, I know that after knowing about too much special features about Aptoide App store you will also want to use Aptoide App store event I also did the same when I read about Aptoide. If you want to download and install Aptoide on your Android device then you can follow the step by step method.

  • Download Aptoide Apk from the official website of Aptoide App, because Aptoide has been removed by Google Play Store because their policies. And if you download from any third party App Store then it will be not safe.
  • Now Install Aptoide App on your Android Device. Just double click on the Aptoide.apk file which has downloaded from official website of Aptoide.
  • Wait for some time it will take a few minutes in Installing and follow the instruction which is appearing during installation.
  • Now the Installation completed and an Aptoide App shortcut has created on your smartphone screen. You can use it from here.

So by this way you can use the best Google play alternative app store on your Android device. If you think that your friends or relative knows the need for this app store and you want to share this app store with them then you can do it hitting the share button given below the article. Thanks.


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