AndroDumpper – Find out WiFi Password [Android]


AndroDumpper, an android application which is used to Find out WiFi Password. In today’s article, I am going to talk about this android application. AndroDumpper has millions of downloads and all excellent reviews. And the best thing is that it is available for free on Google Play Store. you can download this application and Find out your neighbors WiFi Password. 😀

First of all, Let me clear that this article is educational purpose only.  I am not responsible for hacking or its bad usage.

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What is AndroDumpper and how it Works?

How to use AndroDumpper?

Can we Crack WiFi Passwords with this app?

These questions will be bouncing in your mind. So don’t worry, here I describe all about this app. After reading this complete article you will be found answers to your all questions. So Let’s get started!

What is AndroDumpper and how it Works?

As I mentioned above It is an android application and we can find out WiFi Passwords with this app. This question is clear but the main question is How it works? If you are non-technical and directly want to use this app Just skip this step and go ahead.

So, the AndroDumpper is crack a WiFi Password based on its security. It is not necessary that it will always crack a WiFi Password. If any WiFi has WPS enabled and you are in the nearby of the network then you can find out the password of this WiFi. But WPS option is not enabled of any WiFi router then you can’t crack this.

How to use AndroDumpper

There is step by step guide to crack the WiFi Password. It is very simple to use this app. There is two methods to use it, Root and not root method. In the root method, you can use this app in any android version if you have rooted your device but if your device is not rooted then this app only will work in android v5 and upper versions.

If you have android v5 and up then don’t worry use this app freely but if have an older version of android then you need to root your mobile. So Let’s do it!

Step 1. Download AndroDummper from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Once the application is installed, open this app.

Step 3. Enable your Wifi

Step 4. Wait till WiFi network scanning.

Step 5. After finishing the scanning, you can see a list of WiFi networks, these networks are WPS enabled. (Uncheck Show all network)


Step 6. Tap on TRY CONNECT of any network.

Step 7. Then you need to Choose way (Root, Not Root). If your device is rooted then select root method otherwise selects Not Root.


Step 8. In this step, you have two options, Custom Pin, and No Custom Pin. If you have Custom Pin then select custom pin otherwise choose No Custom Pin (you can check AndroDumpper Description on Play Store for Custom Pin)


Step 9. Now it will start to try connecting, it takes some time. Once its success, a window will pop up with WiFi name and its password now just copy it and use this password.


Step 10. Now Enjoy. 😉

Now you can use these methods with any WiFi network. If it will not work on the first try then do it again. It works well for me, hope you can also enjoy with this app.

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So this is AndroDumpper for Find out WiFi Password in android. If this article is helpful for you then share it on social media sites and feel free to comment down below.


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