How To Reject/Accept All Friend Requests Facebook At Once


Hey Friends, Hope So you enjoying reading previous article Of Gutyan. After One week I am back with Facebook Trick. Today I Will be Sharing a Facebook trick with you that How To Reject Or Accept All Friend Requests Facebook At Once.

As We All Know Accepting or Rejecting Facebook Requests One by One is really a difficult task. Specially for a Girl because as comparison of boy, a girl got many Friend Request. Many People On Facebook love to increase their friend list for that they accept all requests and other side many people accept the friend requests of only known persons. So this Post Is very helpful for those people who got many friend requests. They can easily reject or Accept All Friend Requests Facebook At Once.

If you are one of them who getting lots of Friend Request On Facebook and Struggling for auto Accept Friend Requests Facebook then this Is a perfect trick for you. With this Facebook Trick you can easily accept Facebook friend request with single click. No need to accept or reject one by one. If you want to accept all friend requests code then you should try this one. It is not a code, It Is a Chrome Extension which really help you to accept all friend requests Facebook.


Here Is a trick to accept or reject all friends requests Facebook at once. This is 100% working trick, there is some requirements for accept all friend requests. So let’s take a look of its requirements and How To reject/accept all friend requests Facebook at once.

Requirement :- To reject or accept all friend requests Facebook at once you should following two things.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. A Chrome Extension ( Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject )

Steps To Reject Or Accept All Friend Requests Facebook At Once

Step by Step guide to reject or accept all friend requests Facebook at once. Follow this Simple steps and easily reject or accept all friend requests. So Let’s Start Learning with step by step.

Step 1. First Of all you need to Installed Google Chrome web browser, If you have not then you should download it from google official site. Because It Is a Chrome Extension so that for using this you need Google Chrome, Its Important.

Step 2. After Installed Google Chrome In your PC/Laptop then you need to Install a Chrome Extension from Google Chrome Web Store “Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject“.

Step 3. Now Click On “ADD TO CHROME” and after that click on “Add” button. Now Chrome Extension “Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject” Is Installed In your Web Browser, You can see this in right top corner of your browser.

Step 4. Now Go To your Facebook Profile and then Friend Requests. Here you will see your all Facebook friend requests.

Step 5. After that you just need to Click On “Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject” icon of right top corner In chrome.

Step 6. Now a Pop up will appear In front of your desktop screen asking Accept Or Reject All Requests. If you want to accept all Requests then select “Accept All Requests” or If you want to reject all requests then select “Reject All Requests”. Its your Choice depend on you.

Step 7. That’s It. Refresh with F5 and you can see all your friend requests are successfully accepted/rejected.

Final Words :

This Facebook Trick Is very Simple and 100% Working. you can accept all friend requests Facebook chrome and don’t need to accept all friend requests Facebook javascript. Hope So you learn  how to accept all friend requests on Facebook at once. This trick for auto accept friend requests facebook and Accept All Friend Requests Facebook At Once. Enoy this article?

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